About Us

Welcome to Tropical Health & Wellness

which is a caring wellness enterprise, that is supported by a team of friendly and efficient people. The Company was Founded by its Chief Executive, Roselle Thompson, from Grenada, and is based in the United Kingdom. Ms Thompson believes in evidenced-based use of integrative and alternative medicine practices that support the union of the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Aims

Tropical Health & Wellness believes that full health, without a balance between body, mind, and spirit, is impossible. That is why we use Caribbean traditional natural therapies, across mixed disciplines, to achieve physical, emotional, and mental balance. The overall focus is to heal the whole person, and enhance lifestyle factors, via a combination of integrative medicine, (conventional and alternative practices), that always bear in mind the promotion of good health; and prevention of illness, as the most important factors for us all.

Our Mission

At Tropical Health & Wellness, our Mission is to help people achieve and maintain an optimal state of health. With our clear vision and strong values, we believe this is achievable, so that our clients can enjoy their full mental, physical, and spiritual potential; through traditional and natural therapies and practices; with a focus on healthy and balanced nutrition.

Our Promise

We transform lives through disseminating knowledge of unique and integrative Caribbean traditional methods and products, that offer health benefits, so that people can maintain their achieved optimal state of health; all with the highest standards of excellence in every aspect.