Founded by its Chief Executive, Roselle Thompson in 2022, Tropical Health & Wellness is a sustainable, UK based, caring, wellness enterprise, with a multi-pronged approach to promoting and enhancing healthy lifestyles, via a combination of integrative (traditional and conventional) practices that always bear in mind the promotion of good health and prevention of illness, as the most important factors for us all; via use of its range of Caribbean-inspired organic teas and body care products. 


Roselle Thompson, hails from Grenada, and believes in the evidenced-based use of integrative and alternative medicine practices, that support the union of the mind, body, and spirit; and most importantly, those traditionally, tried, and tested methods that sustains good health and longevity. She draws heavily on the skills taught to her by her Grenadian, herbalist grandmother, in creating her innovative brand known as Caribbeanesque! ®  Roselle is also an accomplished Novelist, Poet and Playwright, with a combined total of 15 books to her repertoire, and whose Caribbean background provides the backdrop to her writing.


Tropical Health & Wellness brings to the world of tea-lovers and those interested in a Caribbean-inspired brand, (of Speciality, Fruit, and Well Being teas), to add to the global popularity of world teas.  Ours is based on the Caribbean region’s traditional methods of tea blends, made from plants, roots, leaves, barks, and flowers; which have been used for many, many generations in the Caribbean. 


Tropical Health & Wellness is supported by a team of friendly and efficient people, whose aim is to turn tea lovers into Caribbeanesque! ® Tea pros. Therefore, we would be delighted to share our passion and knowledge of tea with the world.  So we look forward to hearing from you – bloggers, press, radio, tv, and global tea lovers!

Media Enquiries

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