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Include Tea In Your Everyday Wellness Routine

The wonderful “cuppa” that we sometimes take for granted, can also become a practice of enhancing your everyday wellness routine.  Just think, if you are cold, tea warms you up.  In hot temperatures if you’re heated, tea cools you down.  If you are depressed, a lovely cuppa cheers you up and if you are excited, it will also calm you down.  And the benefits goes on and on – whether you’re looking to boost your immunity, increase your water intake, get a better night’s sleep, or look and feel your best; tea can help you achieve those goals!  How?  Well, there are numerous benefits, just read on, to learn more.



Most people reach for something to help them start their day and brewing a morning cup of tea is a great way to begin. It can help to clear your mind, hydrate your body, and prepare you for the day ahead; all which increases wellness.


We love starting the day with our Moringa, ginger & Honey.  Moringa has always been used within Caribbean beauty and medicinal customs. The high concentration of polyphenols in its leaves help protect the liver, and its high content of vitamins E and C help support brain health. Moringa plant is known to have many other health benefits antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help with urinary tract infections and digestive problems.


Moringa is a healthy alternative to coffee, promoting stress relief and focused energy.  Additionally, the flavours from orange and lemon peel as well as cinnamon. This tea has a revitalising flavour, Smooth taste, with a bite from ginger; is a delicious, nutritious tea.  Savour the full-bodied sensation and gentle exotic character, whilst enjoying this cup of Caribbean sunshine goodness; the key to looking and feeling your best.


For best results, start this morning tea ritual before you become distracted on your phone or begin work.   This “me” time is one way of creating everyday wellness into your routine, feeling refreshed, balanced, and ready for the day ahead.



Throughout the day, why not sip on Hibiscus, turmeric and cardamon tea to promote continued overall well-being.  From Hibiscus,  which produces a red brew full of antioxidants, to Turmeric, which contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, to ginger which has been known to aid digestion; this tea helps promote the body’s natural cleansing process and restores balance.



If you’re feeling tired or stressed, why not try our Herbal Symphony or Recharge Tea to help calm you down. Why not take a tea-time break in the afternoon, to help you stay calm and focused. This will help you recharge as you continue to work, whilst playing a role in your daily wellness routine. Then at night, you can try our Sleep Tea with luxury chamomile, lemon balm and verbena to promote relaxation.


TEA HELPS your BODY RECOVER after your gym sessions

Here’s a real partner – tea after exercising.  We all know that exercise is a main factor in maintaining overall health and wellness, because it may improve your mood, boost your energy levels, promote circulation, increase your immunity, and can keep you physically fit and able.


But after that hard-going workout, it is important to fuel your body, that’s where tea comes in.  Yes, tea!  Hydrate and promote muscle recovery, increase blood flow to those tired muscles, with our Relax tea.  This is a great way to add tea to your post-workout routine whilst promoting everyday wellness.



Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, and nearly every bodily function depends on water to operate properly. Water is essential to our lives and so drinking it any many forms helps with overall health and wellness, including healthy skin, hair, nails, and digestion and regulating blood pressure. That’s why when you’re dehydrated, you don’t feel or look your best.


Make drinking tea a great addition to your everyday wellness routine. At its core, a cup of tea is 98% water and 2% tea, making it a great way to achieve your daily water intake goals. Additionally, tea is packed with antioxidants, which makes it a great and healthy alternative to water.  So from our

Caribbeanesque!®  range of Speciality, Fruit, and Well Being Teas, why not choose a blend that you really like and drink it as part of your daily wellness habit.



Getting adequate sleep is incredibly important to your overall health, as it allows your mind and body to rest and repair.  But not having enough sleep, has been linked to an increased risk of disease and illness, compromised immunity, dull skin, and mental health problems, so you should never compromise on those 8 hours.   Why not ensure a good night’s sleep with our Sleep Tea , a blend with ingredients such as chamomile, lemon balm, and lemon verbena, to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.  This  caffeine-free herbal tea, helps promote a restful night of sleep, and promotes everyday wellness.