Our Health Programmes

Through a variety of health and wellness programme packages, we strive for lifelong health and well-being. Our mixed methodology of treatment, is delivered via these approaches: One-to-one, Group support, Boot Camps, Health Retreats, and Consultations as required.

Learning to Live Healthy

  • We teach you how to improve lifestyle habits via our Healthy Living AcademyYou have access to group activities: TV programs, talks, holistic classes, training, walks and healthy cooking demo classes, videos, Webinars, Podcasts, etc.
  • Within our Caribbeanesque! ® Magazine, we show you how to take care of yourself and enjoy life via Research, Tips, Expert advice, Recipes, etc.

Healthy Ageing: Physical Therapy & Nutrition

  • What to put on your plate
  • How much to put on your plate
  • The importance of healthy meals
  • Quick and simple meals
  • Exercise to promote balance
  • Tips to stay active and independent
  • Exercise for healthy Ageing

Natural Therapies Packages – Mind and Body Disciplines

  • Reflexology – based on your personal needs
  • Meditation & Yoga – based on your personal needs
  • Massage – Private sessions, based on your personal needs
  • Exercise Therapy (Virtual and In-Person) – Fitness evaluation and training sessions with a personal trainer

Mindful Eating – Nutrition

  • Nutrition & Diet – consultation with an expert
  • Nutrition plan adapted to your personal needs
  • Personalized healthy eating plan

Culturally-Specific Talk Therapy

  • Our Talk Therapy OR person-centred therapy, uses a culturally sensitive approach in dealing with issues amongst minority communities. We also look at how culture, relationships, and behaviours influence experiences and awareness, by coming from a place of empathy in the sessions.
  • Our goal is to be a source in eliminating the stigma around seeking mental health treatment in the Black community, and other communities of colour, by increasing representation and access to mental health providers, and utilizing strategies that are effective for BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) people. (Ages: from Teens to Adults)
  • Programs include Behaviour Management, Diet, Exercise and Sleep plans, Education goals/barriers from Secondary to University level.

Our Health & Well-being products

100% Natural and Organic Teas

  • Tropical Health & Wellness supply authentic Caribbean products, such as our special range of teas, branded as Caribbeanesque! ® include Caribbean Classic teas; a Fruity Collection and a Well-being range of herbal infusions. All our products are selected based on their high quality, value, and demand.

100% Natural and Organic Body-care

  • Tropical Health & Wellness hand-crafted Soaps and body-care products, are made from the highest quality organic oils. All ingredients used in our soaps and body creams are sustainable, organic and food grade, so our products are kind to the earth. No synthetic oil is ever used in our products.

We, along with our suppliers and manufacturers, pay great attention to their methods, standards, and quality control, in order to ensure delivery of healthy, safe, valuable products to you. 


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