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Grand Anase Sunset Beach


Luxury Rooibos combined with a medley of fruit and herbs creates a tea that’s full of floral character and wonderfully mellow. The light perfume of fresh Lavender mingles with the sweet Rooibos and fruits to provide lingering moments of pleasure with every cup. Close your eyes, as it transports you onto Grand Ananse Beach, a Caribbean beach in Grenada.


INGREDIENTS:  Luxury Rooibos, Rosehip Shells, Dried Red Currants, Dried Black Currants, Rose Leaves, Lavender, Raisins, Rose Petals, Dried Blueberries, Natural Flavours

CAFFEINE-free, choice Grade 1 Rooibos. Deep red leaves.

TASTING NOTES: A medium-bodied, flavoursome with fruity and floral notes in this fruity bouquet with lander notes.

Reddish-orange to full red colour – depends on brewing time and quantity used.

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